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The prices of the single season 2017 minimum and maximum approved by the Province of Genoa are present.

All prices ranging from the minimum to the maximum are applicable.

For the prices of single weeks or months  ask for a quote.




  • MIN   350,00  EURO*

  • MAX  800,00   EURO*


  • MIN  700,00  EURO*

  • MAX 1600.00 EURO*


  • MIN   620,00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-183_bad5cf-EURO

  • MAX  2600,00  EURO*

*From 1st March 2018 the Municipality of Chiavari has introduced the Tourist Tax which must be added to the rate.

During the stay, the cleaning of the apartment  is charged to the customer.

Prices are per apartment (max 4 people regardless of age) inclusive of water, electricity, gas and VAT.

The apartments with the balcony have a surcharge compared to the others.

The minimum prices of the month are feasible only for tour operators.

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